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Vegan Food: New vegan product launch - Alpro Ice Cream

Vegan Food: New vegan product launch - Alpro Ice Cream

by Karris

It seems like companies are launching exciting new vegan products left right and centre - we almost can't keep up! The latest one we've spotted doing the rounds on Facebook is a new vegan ice cream from one of our favourite brands, Alpro.

It seems to be super difficult to get your hands on at the moment, and is reaching almost mythical status - we've seen reports of it spotted in Morrison's, although the Tesco website is currently claiming it's exclusive to Tesco, so it's currently a mystery as to when and where you can grab it.

It is allegedly available in three flavours - Hazelnut & Chocolate, Coconut and Vanilla, although so far, we've only seen pictures of the chocolate & hazelnut and the coconut version. It seems to be available regionally, so when some people log onto their online Tesco account, they can see it available to add to their baskets, but for other less fortunate souls, (i.e. US!!) whose local Tesco don't have it, it's simply a waiting game.

We will be adding this to our list of products we plan to hunt down - please do let us know if you manage to snap them up anywhere! We are willing to travel unreasonable distances for this ;)

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