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Vegan Food: Quorn announce new vegan breaded fillets

Vegan Food: Quorn announce new vegan breaded fillets

by Karris

Yesterday we reported that Quorn had teased the addition of a brand new vegan product to their UK range. Well, the wait is over and it's been announced that the newest member of the Quorn vegan family are breaded fillets! I am actually really excited for these, because the Spicy burgers are just a little too hot for the littlest member of #TeamTVK (four year old Casey), so it seems like this will be something she will hopefully be able to enjoy. You can pick them up NOW in Tesco.

Next up, Quorn, if you're listening, PLEASE add vegan quorn mince and some sort of sandwich meat to your vegan range. It's top of our wish list....and then of course, veganise your ENTIRE RANGE, because who needs egg white to make yummy food, right?!

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