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Vegan Lifestyle: Tesco launch vegan Christmas selection box

Vegan Lifestyle: Tesco launch vegan Christmas selection box

by Karris

Stop Press! Tesco have launched a Free From Christmas selection box, featuring their entire range of vegan chocolate.

At just £2, it's a very affordable way to treat your little ones (or yourself!) this Christmas, and along with their fabulous 'milk' chocolate coins (£1 per bag) they are leading the way in terms of supermarket own brands, offering a really easy, cheap way to get your chocolate fix this festive season.

The selection box contains:

  • 1 x Choc bar
  • 1 x Choc n Crispie bar
  • 1 x White Choc bar
  • 1 x Choc buttons
  • 1 x White Choc buttons

The Choc n' Crispie bar in particular is dangerously 'more-ish' and overall it's a nice little box at a reasonable price. I'll be popping this one aside for mini TVK to enjoy over the holidays.

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— Co-Founder and Managing Director

Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

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Comments and responses

  • 25 Oct 2016 13:38:04

    after 49 years of brainwashing I have opened my eyes , over the last 3 years I have quit meat and sugar and been vegetarian for the last few weeks I have been taking my first steps into veganism , As a body builder it was a scary transition , but I have found that with sites like this , and the fact that Tesco are supporting vegetarianism and veganism so well by having a great and varied range of products that all I can say is becoming Vegan is easy xx

  • Nicki:

    27 Oct 2016 08:13:51

    fantastic but does it have palm oil?

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