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Vegan Food: Pret wishing vegans a very Merry Christmas with new festive baguette

Vegan Food: Pret wishing vegans a very Merry Christmas with new festive baguette

by Karris

We are so excited to bring you the news that today, Pret a Manger have launched a brand new Christmas menu that includes a *very* tasty looking vegan baguette!

Pret have really thought outside the box in terms of catering for vegetarians and vegans this year. First they announced the news that their vegetarian options were flying off the shelves, so they decided to pioneer a Veggie Pret pop up shop in London this summer, selling exclusively veggie and vegan options. Their CEO blogged about the thought process behind it, and confirmed that they would be taking feedback from customers on which veggie and vegan options they liked the best and which they would like to see on Pret shelves full time. Veggie Pret was an overwhelming success, and was extended initially for an extra month beyond the Summer, and then eventually was confirmed as a permanent addition to the chain due to it's huge popularity and the support shown by the veggie/vegan community.

Pret have been consistently releasing tasty, new vegan options, their latest being a very festive Christmas baguette - yum! Loaded with with carrots, parsnip puree, crispy onions, chutney, and toasted pistachios, it sounds so Christmassy and with this predicted cold snap we are about to face, we think it sounds like the perfect lunch to get us in the mood for the festive season.

You can find the Very Merry Christmas Baguette in your local Pret as of today! 50 pence from the sale of each festive sandwich goes to the Pret Foundation trust.



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Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

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