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Vegan Christmas: DIY festive vegan chocolate tin

Vegan Christmas: DIY festive vegan chocolate tin

by Karris

Today, I saw the first set of Christmas decorations up in a neighbour's window. That can only mean one thing - it's now (almost) acceptable to start getting into the festive spirit. This post marks the start of a new series here on the blog - being vegan at Christmas! Stay tuned for regular posts on our favourite festive vegan snacks and hacks.

Our first post is inspired by the mountains of tins of Quality Street and Cadburys that started lining the walls of every supermarket the minute the last few remaining Halloween costumes were relegated to the sales rack. One of our favourite memories of Christmas from our pre-vegan days was cuddling up on the couch on Christmas Day and Boxing day, watching movies and working our way through a tin of choccies. There's nothing that we've found on the market quite yet that matches up to the sheer size and variety of chocolates that you get in a standard non vegan Christmas tin, so we decided to go ahead and make our own.

We searched good old ebay for a Christmas storage tin, and found this perfect Santa shaped one for £5.99 including delivery.

Then, we simply filled it with a selection of our favourite vegan chocolate. We used:

  • Tesco Free From Chocolate Coins
  • Jameson's Raspberry Ruffles
  • Vegolino Pralines
  • Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps
  • Tesco Finest Fondant Truffles
The possibilities are endless and the best bit about it is you can completely personalise it however you like, using whatever container and selection of chocolates take your fancy. It would make a lovely, unique gift/stocking filler for someone, or something you can simply enjoy on your own.

We think that Christmas on the sofa just got a whole lot more fun this year!

If you recreate this, please send us your pictures, or leave a comment with some other suggestions of vegan chocolates you could include. @thevegankind #thevegankind



— Co-Founder and Managing Director

Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

Follow her on instagram @karris_thevegankind

Comments and responses

  • Natalie:

    19 Nov 2016 13:47:41

    This is a bloody brilliant idea! Lol… wish someone would do it for me! Haha… anyone know if/where you can get the truffles in the UK?

  • Sarah:

    24 Nov 2016 11:43:24

    Fantastic idea!! It is the one thing i miss…not the taste of choc as vegan choc is great but the feel of the tin and diving into the quality/roses tin at crimbo….so thank you will be doing one for my little family yumyummy

  • 25 Nov 2016 03:49:33

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  • Kyera:

    27 Nov 2016 18:10:23

    Genius, now we can overdo the chocolate too!! Thank you for sharing your ideas

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  • Colleen White:

    29 Nov 2016 06:42:31

    The truffles are from tesco…James ons ruffles are found in pound shops or home bargains/b and m…I think Choices’ caramels would also make a nice addition xx

  • Jane:

    29 Nov 2016 07:49:26

    They sell the Jameson’s Raspberry Ruffles at Poundland, hope this helps Natalie

  • Lea-Anne Richards:

    29 Nov 2016 07:56:37

    Such a great idea. I’m going to put one of these together: )

  • Tracey Williams:

    29 Nov 2016 08:18:08

    Just has a quick look online – 150g bag at Poundland of all places – so I presume there a £1.
    It balances our the price of the Vegolino pralines nicely

  • 29 Nov 2016 09:16:07

    Great vegan minds must think alike! :D We realised that other people must have the same issue so we JUST started our own UK raw vegan chocolate making company! We currently make chocolate mint crunch, chocolate dipped apricots, coffee flavoured chocolates, fruit & nut clusters (pecans & mulberries), and a coconut based chocolate fudge. We’ve just made some Christmas Pudding Chocolate balls, Chocolate covered caramels and we are working on perfecting a chocolate orange truffle! :) We haven’t yet worked out packaging to make a mixed box but each flavour is available individually with deals for multibuys! Now… if only we could stop eating them we might have some to sell! :P :D

  • Tracey Williams:

    30 Nov 2016 08:10:42

    Just has a quick look online – 150g bag at Poundland of all places – so I presume there a £1.
    It balances our the price of the Vegolino pralines nicely

  • Tracey Williams:

    04 Dec 2016 09:26:34

    Just has a quick look online – 150g bag at Poundland of all places – so I presume there a £1.
    It balances our the price of the Vegolino pralines nicely

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