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TheVeganKind Christmas Selection box now available

TheVeganKind Christmas Selection box now available

by Karris

The legendary TVK vegan Christmas selection box is BACK with some old favourites and some new yummy vegan goodies to add to the mix. Treat yourself to a luxury, indulgent selection of vegan chocolate all popped together in one lovely little box, add it to your list for Santa, or get brownie points from your friends and family by buying them a special treat this festive season.

If you want one, you better be quick, as we expect these to sell out again!

Your lovely festive box will include:

Large Loving Earth Creamy Coconut bar
Almighty Foods Golden Blonde bar
Sarelle bar
Mini Vego bar
Jeavons Smooches (mini pack) EXCLUSIVE

Order your box now and don't miss out! <3



— Co-Founder and Managing Director

Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

Follow her on instagram @karris_thevegankind

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