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Vegan Beauty: Rosie for Autograph perfume

Vegan Beauty: Rosie for Autograph perfume

by Karris

Finding vegan perfume on the high street can be tough - lots of the big name brand perfumes are made by brands who test on animals, and it can be difficult to find out for sure which brands are vegan and which aren't. Marks and Spencer is a perhaps surprising mecca for cruelty free and vegan beauty products, and their collection with Rosie Huntington Whitely - Rosie for Autograph, is no exception. 

It is a stunning collection of make up, nightwear, accessories and beauty products,  with packaging that is simply gorgeous, and much more luxurious than you would expect for the price point, which is actually very reasonable. 

We are firm favourites of all of the perfumes in the collection, including the original and summer rose versions (pictured). They look beautiful on your nightstand, and the scents are reminiscent of some of the higher end brand perfumes we've tried in the past.

Best of all, the Marks and Spencer website has excellent vegan labelling in the description of each product so it's easy to tell what is suitable and what isn't, without having to scour the ingredients on the labels.

The scents are long lasting and the bottles are truly gorgeous, with rose gold detailing on the lid and the outer box, so they would make a beautiful gift for a loved one, or simply a nice treat for yourself. 

They retail at £8 for 15ml,  £14 for 30ml, or £28 for 100ml.



— Co-Founder and Managing Director

Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

Follow her on instagram @karris_thevegankind

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