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Vegan Food: Baileys finally release VEGAN version of their famous liqueur

Vegan Food: Baileys finally release VEGAN version of their famous liqueur

by Karris

Vegans rejoice! Baileys have confirmed that the much publicised and discussed Almande version of their famous liqueur will be reformulated and carry the vegan certification logo by March this year. 

The launch of Baileys Almande (made with almond milk) was announced last May to much fanfare in the vegan community, and mistakenly promoted as vegan by pretty much every news outlet around, until the discovery that although it was made with almond milk, it was not in fact vegan as it contained beeswax and honey. 

Collectively, vegans of the internet were up in arms that an opportunity for such an amazing product to finally be veganised had been missed, and when the vegan internet speaks, WE SPEAK LOUDLY! Baileys obviously heard us loud and clear, and have recently announced that Baileys Almande has been reforumlated and will be launching in stores in March with the vegan logo proudly displayed. 

There's no word yet whether this will include a UK launch, so we urge you, if you want to see this in your local supermarket, bombard Baileys on Facebook or instagram with a request for this to be launched in the UK.

Bottoms up!

Team TVK 

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Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

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