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Vegan News: JME to appear in movie about a VEGAN UTOPIA set in 2067

Vegan News: JME to appear in movie about a VEGAN UTOPIA set in 2067

by Karris

Take a seat, and hold onto your hats - I don't think you're ready for what you are about to read! Every vegan's dream for the future has been turned into a movie plot and it's airing on BBC iplayer this Spring!

Outspoken vegan grime artist JME has signed up for a role in the first feature film from comedian Simon Amstell (also vegan!) and will play himself in Carnage: Swallowing The Past.

Set in a Utopian vegan world 50 years from now, Carnage looks back at a time when human beings ate other animals. For the young people of this time, the idea that their grandparents could have been complicit in a bloodbath of unnecessary suffering is wholly unimaginable. 

So basically our actual literal dream for the future, then. 

Victoria Jaye, Head of Content, BBC iPlayer, says: “In a culture obsessed by what’s on our plates, Simon Amstell’s film Carnage imaginatively challenges our attitude towards eating meat, fish and cheese triangles. Prepare to never look at your dinner the same way again.”

A vegan future is on the horizon, even if (for now!) it is just in a movie. 

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