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Vegan Lifestyle: TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box review #TVK40

Vegan Lifestyle: TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box review #TVK40

by Karris

From bruschetta crisps to sour sweeties, we've got your vegan snacks sorted. Let's take a peek at some of the awesome brands inside our #TVK40 lifestyle box

You can snap up this box of deliciousness in our online online shop for just £10 plus p&p, but we have limited stock available, so you'll need to be quick if you want one! 

If you haven't already, why not join in the fun and sign up for our monthly lifestyle box? We're shipping our next box of goodies at the start of April, and it's a cracker - you won't want to miss out!

We would absolutely love to hear what you think of our 40th box over on our Facebook page, or on Twitter and Instagram @thevegankind using the hashtag #TVK40

Candy Kittens and Hello Kitty Sour Apple Sweets         150g (RRP £3.00)                                                        

We are so excited to introduce these brand new Hello Kitty and Candy Kittens ‘Sour Apple’ gourmet sweets. A vegan friendly gummy treat that comes in a 150g sharing pack for you and your close ones, because like Hello Kitty says “you can never have too many friends!”. Last summer Candy Kittens launched their first vegan sweet and they said it was only the #veganning for them, so we are so happy to be a part of the launch of their latest gorgeous vegan sweet! Candy Kittens are a young team inspired by the traditions of the sweet market, striving to make the best gourmet sweets in the world. They are bringing something that's fresh and unique to shelves near you, look out for this brand new flavour in shops near you soon! How cute are these cat shaped sweets, we are obsessed with them! Twitter: @CandyKittens_UK  Instagram: @candykittens_uk

Simply7 Bruschetta Lentil Crisps                                       85g (RRP £2.10)   

Simply7 Lentil Bruschetta crisps combines the great tastes of the Mediterranean by adding the authentic flavors of Italy to the Middle Eastern inspiration of the lentil, they are packed with crunch and super yummy. With a flavour that calls to mind freshly-picked vegetables used in classic Italian recipes, you may be surprised that they have managed fit all of this flavour into a bite-sized chip! As these are made with lentil flour they are a healthy alternative to normal potato chips, we just can’t enough of them! Pour into a bowl and share with your favourite people.                Twitter: @dolfin_uk  Instagram: @dolfinuk

Human+Kind Watermelon Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream      50ml  (RRP £7.50)

It’s summer all year round with Human+Kind’s Watermelon 3-in-1 cream. This fruity cream will keep your skin soft, supple and subtly fragranced. Formulated with Shea butter, Calendula and Aloe Vera this offers immediate comfort to your skin, leaving hands, elbows and feet feeling smooth, super soft and nourished. We just love the smell of this, and the packaging is so stunning, perfect to pop in your bag to use any time you need it for silky smooth skin. 

Discount Code: Use welcomeback at checkout for 20% off your order!      Twitter: @humanandkind            Instagram: @humanandkind

Ombar Centres Raspberry & Coconut                                               35g (1.99)
If you love chocolate this gorgeous creation by Ombar will be right up your street! A creamy, sweet filling encased with deliciously smooth chocolate, Mmmm! Ombar chocolate is not only sourced from the best of the Ecuadorian cocoa farms, it is also raw, their incredible chocolate making methods ensure that they preserve as much of nature's original goodness as possible. This Raspberry & Coconut Centres bar delivers a decadently creamy chocolate indulgence. The zingy raspberry and coconut centre contrasts beautifully with the coconut 60% chocolate shell, so you certainly won’t be disappointed!        Twitter: @ombarchocolate           Instagram: @ombarchocolate

Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa and Indian Style Chickpeas 250g (RRP £2.50)                       

Quinola Mothergrain, the quinoa specialist, have a whole range of quinoa based products made with Peru’s finest organic quinoa, bought under Fairtrade terms. This Express Quinoa recipe is full of complete vegetable protein, fibre, iron and slow release carbs. An ideal solution for a quick and healthy meal, packed full of nutrients and flavours. This is delicious with a lovely curry sauce and some stir fried veg for lovely dinner, or for a quick, filling and nutritious lunch!                     Twitter: @quinolaUK                    Instagram: @quinolaUK

Virtue Peach and Strawberry Ice Tea                         330ml (RRP £1.75)

Delicious and refreshing, this naturally low calorie ice tea is packed with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. Only 63 calories per can, with no refined sugar and no artificial ingredients, this delicious flavoured Ice Tea is a staple in our fridge! Amazing straight from the can or chilled over ice, yum! 

Discount Code: Use ICETEAVK to save 20% off of your order on Amazon!                   Twitter: @virtuedrinks         Instagram: @virtuedrinks

 TheVeganKind Charity of the month - 10p from each box sold will be donated to The Scottish Animal Behaviour Rescue Centre.

At TheVeganKind we want to do whatever we can to support those who help animals, so every month we will be donating 10p from every box sold to our featured charity/campaign of the month. From our February campaign, we will be sponsoring the Scottish Animal Behaviour and Rescue Centre, an all vegan run sanctuary and charity, which is run completely by volunteers. They are first and foremost a sanctuary for abandoned, maltreated and retired animals, including many from the food industry. They aim to build a bridge of understanding between humans and non-human animals and we hope to visit one day soon! 

Find them on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



— Co-Founder and Managing Director

Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

Follow her on instagram @karris_thevegankind

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