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Vegan News: HUGE News about Veggie Pret!

Vegan News: HUGE News about Veggie Pret!

by Karris

We almost dropped our soy latte all over ourselves in excitement today when this news landed on our desk. Veggie Pret, the 30 day veggie/vegan pop up shop in Soho London, which was made permanent last year due to the overwhelming success of the venture, is expanding to take over a SECOND STORE, in Shoreditch.

Pret CEO, Clive Schlee, said in a blog post this morning  'We opened our Veggie Pret pop up as an experiment last year, never imagining it would be around for more than a month. We ended up making it permanent and I can now tell you that our second Veggie Pret will open at Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch. A lot of Pret staff wanted their shops to go Veggie, but Great Eastern St got the call up based on the high levels of vegetarian sales in the area.'

Doors open at noon on April 4th 2017 (that's a week today!) and if you are lucky enough to be popping in to experience the new Veggie Pret first hand, you can expect to be treated to a menu which features 20 new recipes, including a vegan Macaroni Cheese (which took their chefs a year to perfect!) and a vegan chocolate brownie. Say WHAT?!

We applaud Pret for their forward thinking and trail blazing attitude towards embracing the veggie and particularly the vegan market. Whilst some high street retailers are stuck in the dark ages in terms of their plant based offerings, Pret are leading the way and really listening to the demands of their customers. You can tweet your feedback directly to Clive and we really encourage you to take the time to do so and also to let Pret know where you'd most like to see the next Veggie Pret open - Clive, if you're listening GLASGOW IS THE VEGAN CAPITAL OF THE UK - just saying ;)

The next stop for Pret will be the US, where they’ll be launching a new veggie range in all their US shops at the end of April, and the update from international markets is that their Not Just for Veggies campaign in Hong Kong has lead to record sales.

Right now, it really feels like we are experiencing a true cultural shift in terms of veganism, and the concept of a future vegan world feels less impossible and more tangible than ever.


Team TVK x



— Co-Founder and Managing Director

Karris is a lifelong animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind in 2013.

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