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Land of Hope and Glory - Vegan documentary Labelled ‘UK Version’ of Earthlings

Land of Hope and Glory - Vegan documentary Labelled ‘UK Version’ of Earthlings

land of hope and glory vegan documentary

Land of Hope and Glory

The vegan documentary Land of Hope and Glory explores animal welfare inside UK farms.

The 2017 film is being hailed as the UK’s answer to the wildly popular, Earthlings.

What is 'Land of Hope and Glory' all about?

The 2017 vegan documentary gives us a rare, in-depth look at the UK livestock industry.

The animal rights group Surge are responsible for the film.
According to their official website, the goal is:
“to create a world where compassion towards non-human animals is the norm.”
Surge also host ‘The Official Animal Rights March’ which you can read all about here.

Split into 5 distinct sections, the 48-minute farm exposé focuses on; 

  • Pigs      
  • Cows           
  • Sheep           
  • Birds            
  • Eggs

The vegan documentary features one hundred different UK farming facilities.

In the footage, film-makers unveil never-before-seen, undercover footage.

Unsurprisingly, the documentary contains extremely graphic and deeply upsetting images which expose the barbaric underbelly of UK agriculture.

Land of Hope and Glory may be a tough watch but it is essential viewing for all vegans and non-vegans alike.

land of hope and glory vegan documentary

What to expect...

The narrative dispels the myth of ‘humane’ slaughter.
The true horrors inherent in British farming are on show for all to see.

Shockingly, the film features at least one RSPCA approved farm.

In the footage:

  • We see day old calves being permanently separated from their mother.

  • We witness tiny piglets having their tails docked without any sedative.

  • We follow overcrowded slaughterhouse trucks carrying hundreds of terrified animals.

  • We also learn about the filthy, cramped living conditions many farm animals must endure.

Many viewers will have no idea about the true extent of what they are supporting when they buy meat and dairy.

This vegan documentary takes us on a harrowing journey, yet it is also a potentially life changing one for many meat-eating viewers.
Pig Vegan

Why is this Film Important?

The release of Land of Hope and Glory marks a monumental step forward for veganism in the UK. The documentary gives us an unprecedented glimpse into the lives of farm animals in this country.

Despite the success of Earthlings, many claim that the animal abuse depicted in the 2005 US documentary does not take place in UK farms.

The creators behind Land of Hope and Glory have cited this disassociation with animal oppression as the driving force behind their film.

Tired of hearing the phrase ‘that doesn’t happen in our country,’ Surge have set out to lay bare UK farming practices.

Surge’s investigative efforts have provided irrefutable evidence that animals are being wildly mistreated on our own soil.

Factory farming and intensive agriculture are becoming more and more widespread.
Giving the UK consumer a 'behind the scenes' glimpse of food production is thus a matter of urgency.

With this film, the UK vegan movement have an opportunity to bring the fight for animal liberation closer to home than ever.

land of hope and glory vegan documentary

Beyond the Media

Land of Hope and Glory crushes the media perpetuated lie of happy farm animals, frolicking in green pastures.
Animals do not go willingly to their death, they fight and claw until their last breath
Most UK farm animals will spend every second of their short lives in fear and agony.
No doubt other animal rights organisations will follow suit with similar UK based documentaries. 
If so, it is only a matter of time before the false 'happy-farm' style of advertising loses public support.
With vegan-lead documentaries like Land of Hope and Glory, animal liberation is edging ever closer.

Where to Watch 'Land of Hope and Glory'

The film is streaming on Youtube now, click here to watch.

You can also visit the official film website here.

We encourage all animal lovers to watch this immensely powerful vegan documentary.

Hats off to the filmmakers behind Land of Hope and Glory, the UK vegan movement needs more people like you!

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