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TheVeganKind visits Forsthofalm Eco Hotel!

TheVeganKind visits Forsthofalm Eco Hotel!

by Jenna McGuinness

This summer we were lucky enough to experience a really rare occurrence - a 5 course vegan dinner on holiday every single night! Travelling as a vegan can be amazing if you are visiting one of the many super vegan friendly cities around the world like Berlin, New York or Barcelona but it can sometimes be tricky too, so to visit somewhere where you are guaranteed beautiful, gourmet vegan food was ideal, we were rolling out of the dining room after every meal. 

We visited Forsthofalm luxury eco-hotel in the beautiful hills of Leogang, Austria this summer and it's truly the most serene and relaxing place we have ever been! We featured an exclusive deal for our lovely subscribers in our August Lifestyle Box so we decided we HAD to visit as it sounds just too good to be true  - incredible vegan food, yoga and spa treatments all in an absolutely breath-taking setting in Austria that's perfect for a winter ski break or a relaxing, pamper weekend! So, if you email [email protected] with your booking inquiry, and include the promo code 'TheVeganKind' you will get a complimentary Wood Fragrance treatment and  an extra massage during your stay! 

The hotel is located right in the middle of gorgeous hills that you can ski on in winter and walk or hike in warmer months. It's perfect if you want a relaxing getaway as it is so secluded and you have everything you could possibly want at the hotel - there's a full Mountain Life wellness programme with outdoor and indoor fitness classes, meditation, yoga, massages and spa treatments, what we loved about it is that you can do as much or as little of the wellness programme as you want during your stay! There's sunrise yoga classes you can do first thing in the morning that we slept in and missed the first day but managed to make it on our last day - wow, what a way to start the day! We felt so invigorated but relaxed at the same time, we also did a couple of power vinyasa yoga sessions with Tanja, one of the lovely and highly skilled yoga instructors at Forsthofalm. What's great is that the yoga classes are suitable for all levels and are in the most beautiful setting overlooking the hills, absolutely perfect to practice yoga in. 

Breakfast is buffet style and has so many options, our favourite finds had to be fresh made vegan cheese spread and a creamy, delicious coconut caramel-ly nut butter - yum! We had a gorgeous herbal tea and fresh pressed juice every morning The restaurant at Forsthofalm is called Kooka which is Finnish for flower as they say every guest is different like a flower  

The spa is absolutely beautiful, and again so quiet and peaceful like the rest of the hotel so you can truly let go during your treatment. There are so many spa treatments to choose from, and there are four different therapy styles you can choose between depending on what you would like to focus on. They are called Energy, Brain, Love and Muscle so if you would like to feel invigorated you can choose an Energy treatment, or choose 'Brain' if you would like to de-stress and relax. I decided on a Full Of Joy massage ️ They have a beautiful open air hot tub that we discovered while exploring and this is used for couple treatments, how amazing would it be to have a treatment overlooking this view! 

There's so much you can do outside the hotel too, it would be brilliant to visit in winter for snow sports, it was warm during our visit so we went on a long walk up the hills overlooking Forsthofalm, but you can also do mountain biking, ride a cable car up the mountains or if you're brave ride a zip wire over the mountains! 

We love how the whole of Forsthofalm is made entirely of wood - with no nails or glue! Even though parts of the hotel were built in 2008 and some in 2013, you can still smell the wood everywhere you walk, it makes everything so quiet and serene. There are only 3 hotels like this in the world, and Forsthofalm is the only one in this part of the world so we feel really lucky we got to experience it, the family believe nature is in everything and that #natureisfreedom so they have immersed their beliefs into the hotel, making it a lifestyle, eco-hotel  Even the shower gel in the bathrooms are homemade using herbs collected from the mountains! We can't wait to visit again, we can already picture ourselves at the outdoor fire pit relaxing with a drink surrounded by snow as we definitely want to visit in winter time next time! 

Remember - email [email protected] with your booking inquiry, and include the promo code 'TheVeganKind' you will get a complimentary Wood Fragrance treatment and  an extra massage during your stay! 

Til next time, Forsthofalm!


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