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Our 8 Favourite Vegan Halloween Costumes

Our 8 Favourite Vegan Halloween Costumes

by Eve Massie

Happy Halloween, TVK family! Here’s 8 of our favourite vegan Halloween costume ideas:

Soy Milk

A+ for this incredible soy milk carton costume. Get you pal to go as Tesco’s own brand accidentally vegan chocolate bourbons and you’re laughing.

Vegan Police


Schooling you on veganism left, right and centre. 


The true love of so many vegans: the avocado. Also a perfect idea for the pregnant vegans amongst us.

Garlic Seasoning

Because veganism without garlic is like a burrito without guacamole.


Why not just go as a plant?! We all know that vegans only eat plants anyway.

Animal Rights Lawyers

If this is the next generation, then we’re okay guys. Shout out to that adorable briefcase.

Fish caught in net

Friendly reminder that if we continue to eat fish, we could have fishless oceans by 2050. In the words of our beloved Bruce in Finding Nemo, ‘Friends, not food.’

‘Not your mum, not your milk’ Cow

When you have trick or treating at 4 and a protest at 5. 

Eve Massie

Eve Massie

Eve joined #TeamTVK in 2017 as our Customer Communications Expert and Social Media Manager, with a background in Law and Animal Rights activism and a fondness for vegan food and cute dogs. Obvs. 

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