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TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK53

TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK53

by Eve Massie

We hope you enjoyed your delicious Easter box! There is an exciting mix of products from all over the world in this box with the Punku Cookies from Bolivia, the Ecodenta toothpaste from Lithiuania, Mr Organic Garlic Mayo Italy, Trek, Fuel10k, Super Moons and Considerit are both British companies, with Super Moons and Considerit local to us in Scotland!

So let's take a wee look at the international products which kept you company this Easter:

Considerit Chocolate Crème Egg (RRP £2.00)

We know you loved this last year and so we were very excited feature this delicious vegan crème egg in our Easter March box. Hand tempered Belgian chocolate egg filled with white and yellow fondant by our lovely friends at Considerit, this beautiful creation will satisfy your Easter chocolate cravings. The lovely team at Considerit also recently opened up an incredible vegan chocolate, doughnut and ice cream emporium in Edinburgh, so if you are ever in the area make sure to check them out!    Twitter @consideritchoco    Instagram @considerit_chocolate

Punku Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies 198g (RRP £4.99)

How delicious were these chocolate chip cookies? These delicious cookies are a perfect and convenient healthy snack. Growing up in Bolivia. Patricia, the founder of Punku, has always enjoyed delicious, healthy and nutritious Bolivian foods made with Royal Quinoa and is excited to introduce UK to the delicious, high quality, healthy and natural foods from Bolivia. As quinoa prices have risen due to its popularity in the West, many Bolivians depend now directly on quinoa trade. The quinoa fields are located in one of the poorest areas in the country. Punku feel strongly that everyone has the right to have a decent income, good health, education, care and a positive outlook for the future. Their Bolivian suppliers have developed education and health programs to assist their employees. Buying their products means that hundreds of Bolivian families will benefit from a better standard of living, so we are excited to feature them in our boxes and stock them in our online vegan supermarket.    FB PunkuQuinoaFoods    Instagram @punkuquinoafoods

Fuel10K Chocolate Peanut Butter 225g (RRP £2.39)

 This perfectly smooth chocolate peanut butter comes in an easy to use, no mess, resealable pouch so you can enjoy it at home, at the office or indeed wherever you fancy. It is also palm oil free, smooth and creamy and is perfect to add to smoothies, spread on toast, drizzle over porridge or fruit or squeeze right out the pouch and into your mouth! Add a touch of nutty goodness to your favourite breakfast or snack. FUEL10K – Breakfast just got better.    Twitter @fuel10k    Instagram @fuel10k

Mr Organic Egg Free Garlic Mayo 180g (RRP £2.79)

This creamy and delicious Garlic Mayo is the latest addition to the fabulous Mr Organic egg free and vegan mayo range. Its indulgent flavour and light texture makes this mayo the perfect condiment. It also contains 30% less fat than conventional mayo, but certainly does not compromise in flavour! Chips at the ready!    Twitter @mrorganic    Instagram @mr_organic

Ecodenta Cosmos Organic Anti Plaque Toothpaste with Coconut and Zinc Salt (RRP £4.99)

TREK Toffee Triumph Protein Energy Trunks 60g (RRP £1.35)

TREK Chunks are deliciously different and one of our favourite on the go snacks as they are delicious, healthy and in handy size packet perfect to fit in your bag or pocket. Instead of relying on mysterious additives & syrups, TREK Chunks are packed with a precise cold-pressed balance of powerful wholefoods, delivering sustained energy when you need it most. These Toffee Triumph chunks are perfect to have with a cup of tea or after the gym for a quick burst of energy.    Facebook @eattrek    Instagram @eattrek

Super Moons Salt and Vinegar Crunchy Lentil Puffs 20g (RRP £0.80)

These out of this world lentil puffs are made by the fabulous folk at Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps, another Glasgow based company! They are totally more-ish and at only 83 calories per pack they are perfect for adults, children and astronauts. Packed with crunch and flavour, we are so excited Super Moons have created tasty salt and vinegar flavour puffs made with simple, natural ingredients. Let these lentil puffs bring you moments of inspiration and joy, one pack (or two) at a time!    Twitter @super_moons    Instagram @super_moons

TheVeganKind Charity of the month - 10p from each box sold was donated to Sneha's Care.

This month we sponsored Sneha’s Care, one of the largest animal welfare charities in Nepal. Established in 2014 by animal advocate, Ms. Sneha Shrestha, to protect street dogs from harm, they have long campaigned to make a difference for animals in need. Sneha’s Care provide professional medical care to injured, sick and abandoned dogs and other street animals in their animal shelter. The charity also continuously campaign to introduce animal welfare law in Nepal for improved safeguards for animals and penalties for animal abuse and cruelty. They are also actively spreading animal welfare awareness on national scale and educating the public to be compassionate to all nonhumans. You can find out more about Sneha’s Care at their website right here —

Eve Massie

Eve Massie

Eve joined #TeamTVK in 2017 as our Customer Communications Expert and Social Media Manager, with a background in Law and Animal Rights activism and a fondness for vegan food and cute dogs. Obvs. 

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