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TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK55

TheVeganKind Lifestyle Box Review #TVK55

by Eve Massie

Did you guys enjoy your May box in the lovely blazing sun? We did! These past couple of weeks have been scorching by our Scottish standards and so we brought our snacks from this box to enjoy at a weekend picnic! 

Let's take a dive into the products you hopefully have also been enjoying in lovely weather:

Belvas Flaked Chocolate Truffles 100g (RRP £3.99)

Indulge in the intense 72% cocoa of these decadent Peruvian chocolate flaked truffles, a guaranteed treat for your tastebuds.  As well as being vegan and organic, they are fairtrade and gluten free too. And did we mention they are incredibly delicious?

Throughout May we will have these DELICIOUS Belvas Flaked Truffles on special offer for £2.99 instead of £3.99, so you can pick up this amazing deal at    Facebook /Belvas    Instagram @belvasbelgium

BetterYou Boost B12 Oral Spray 25ml (RRP £11.95)

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in cognitive health and memory and is required for energy production in every cell in the body. Symptoms of a deficiency include brain fog, memory problems, fatigue, depression, muscle fatigue and tingling in the extremities.  BetterYou’s Boost B12 Oral Spray is specially formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system as B12 is notoriously difficult for our bodies to absorb through the gut. With a tasty apricot flavour this oral spray contributes to normal healthy red blood cells, a reduction in tiredness and fatigue and normal homocysteine metabolism. This handy spray is ideal to bring with you when traveling, keep in your bag or bring with you to work and keep on your desk so you remember to take it!  

Discount code: Use code ‘VEGANKIND25’ for 25% off of your order at    Twitter @betteryou    Instagram @betteryou_ltd

Rice, Lentil & Quinoa Herby Geosticks 22g (RRP £0.90)

These herby, garlic & rosemary flavour GEOSTICKS are gluten free and are made with Fairtrade rice from Thailand and Fairtrade quinoa from Peru. The quinoa is sourced from the Cabana cooperative, just north of Lake Titicaca, where there are over 500 farmers who specialise in growing and harvesting quinoa in the harsh environmental conditions there. GEOSTICKS are multigrain and a source of fibre, so they’re good for you too!    Twitter @lovegeobar    Instagram @lovegeobar

I Love Snacks Californian Smoked Almonds 30g (RRP £1.30)

Who doesn’t love snacks? I Love Snack’s snacks are not only deliciously tasty; these cracking little nibbles are brought to you in portion control sizes to help maintain a healthy balanced diet. Whether you’re sat at your desk or on-the-go, you’re guaranteed a snack that you will thoroughly enjoy! These naturally healthy and deliciously tasty Californian Smoked Almonds are just scrumptious. 

Discount code: Use code ‘TVK’ for 25% off of your first order at     @ilovesnacks2     @ilovesnacks2

Turmerlicious Choco Latte 20g (RRP £1.00)

Turmerlicious is an instant, soothing turmeric latte made from a delicate blend of coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, a hint of black pepper, and coconut blossom nectar. Based on the age old Indian "Golden Milk" or "haldi milk" this modern take on the turmeric latte is so simple and easy to make - just add hot water to make a delicious, soothing and "oh so good" caffeine free hot drink. Turmerlicious use rich cocoa powder that gives a velvety chocolate taste with the warming undertones of ginger and cinnamon.    Twitter @Turmerlicious    Instagram @turmerlicious

Montezuma’s Chocolates Dark Chocolate Chilli Mini Bar 30g (RRP £2.59 for full size 100g bar)

'In 2000 I was inspired by a traditional Mexican recipe, which when taken with a good dose of courage and some fantastic organic chocolate produced one of our five original bars. Although we have played with our chilli grinding method to improve 'the surprise', this bar remains one of our most popular and most talked about! You should be only a little scared.' - Helen Pattinson, Co-founder.

Discount code: Use code: ‘veganchoc’ for 10% off of your order at (Valid until June 30th)    Twitter @montezumaschocs    Instagram @montezumaschocs

YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks 50g (RRP £1.59)

YumEarth's new soft and tasty Fruit Snack jelly sweets are packed full of flavour! Coming in a mix of four flavours - Banana Blast, Strawberry Smash, Very Very Cherry and Perfectly Peach - these treats are deliciously fruity and sweet, but contain no high fructose corn syrup and are flavoured with only natural flavourings: no artificial colours and no artificial flavours! They are also nut free and soy free! 

Discount code: Use code ‘TVK10’ for 10% off your order at (Expires 31.12.18)    Twitter @yumearthuk    Instagram @yumearthuk

TheVeganKind Charity of the month - 10p from each box sold was donated to Well Small Animal Rescue

This month, we will be sponsoring the incredible Well Small Animal Rescue, a small cat rescue with a big heart based in two locations in Lincoln and just outside Spilsby, Lincolnshire. The majority of cats that they take in have been neglected, mishandled, abandoned, and are often in quite a bad way, physically and psychologically. WSAR makes a commitment to each of the cats who enter their care that they will have every chance of a lifetime free from neglect and all their needs will be catered for. You can find out more about WSAR and follow their updates here: 

Eve Massie

Eve Massie

Eve joined #TeamTVK in 2017 as our Customer Communications Expert and Social Media Manager, with a background in Law and Animal Rights activism and a fondness for vegan food and cute dogs. Obvs. 

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