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Top 5 Questions You May Be Asked As a Vegan and How To Answer Them

Top 5 Questions You May Be Asked As a Vegan and How To Answer Them

by Eve Massie

As a vegan you may find yourself asked the same questions repeatedly by non-vegans and often you’re expected to have a well articulated and thought out answer to every question on the spot. Alternatively, perhaps you are considering veganism, but there’s a few questions that are troubling you. We’re here to help! We have provided answers to what we have found to be the most common five questions we have been asked about veganism to hopefully make it that little bit easier to address your own or others concerns.

1.      Where do you get your protein?

Perhaps the most common question that vegans are asked is where we get our protein? It has become something of a joke in the vegan community as there are so many delicious plant-based options which are packed with protein that it is not something that tends to concern us. So, where exactly do we get our protein? Okay, take a deep breath, here we go: lentils; seitan; tofu; peanut butter; houmous; beans; almonds; tempeh; quinoa; sunflower seeds; soy milk; spinach; kale; broccoli; chickpeas; peanuts; and avocado. That’s where we get our protein!

2.      Why do you not care about humans?

We do care about humans! The meat industry is incredibly harmful for the environment, including things like things like deforestation, water pollution and the production of greenhouse gases. A vegan world would be a much cleaner world for its inhabitants. Secondly, an increasing amount of land in the developing world is being used for growing farmed animals’ food to export to richer countries when this could be used to grow food for locals instead. We care for all sentience beings: humans and animals.

3.      Do you realise you may still contribute to animal suffering?

Yes, we do. The sad reality is that we live in a non-vegan world and, for example, this may mean vegans need to take medication which has been tested on animals or eat in a restaurant which profits off animal products, but this does not make you any less vegan or your efforts to reduce animal suffering less admirable. Some of the best advice that can be given to new vegans and those considering veganism is that veganism is not about perfection: the definition of veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

4.      What do you eat?

We eat vegan versions of whatever non-vegans eat and more! Bacon, cheeseburgers, sausages, kebabs, mayonnaise, you name it, there’s a vegan version to it, and we’ve got it on our online supermarket! There are also so many delicious vegan wholefoods for a healthy, colourful vegan meal such as tofu, lentils, legumes, beans, fresh fruit and fresh veggies.

5.      Lots of animals kill other animals for food so why shouldn’t we?

The short answer is because we have a choice. Certain animals are obligate carnivores and have to kill other animals to survive, but we do not and can thrive on a plant-based diet. If we could live happily and healthily without eating animals, why wouldn’t we?

While we hope that these answers to some of the most common questions vegans are asked will help you to be more confident in your response when put on the spot, remember that you shouldn't be expected to have an answer for everything and that it is okay not to! You are a person who is choosing to make an ethical choice to reduce suffering, not an encyclopedia. 

Eve Massie

Eve Massie

Eve joined #TeamTVK in 2017 as our Customer Communications Expert and Social Media Manager, with a background in Law and Animal Rights activism and a fondness for vegan food and cute dogs. Obvs. 

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