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Show The Love For World Farmed Animal Day!

Show The Love For World Farmed Animal Day!

by Natalie Morgan

As many of you may be aware, October 2nd was World Farmed Animal Day! A day to celebrate and appreciate farm animals as well as educate others on the many that are cruelly treated and unnecessarily killed for human consumption.

World Farmed Animal Day was created in honour of Mahatma Ghandi who's birthday also happened to be October 2nd. Ghandi believed (and rightfully so) that respect should be given to to all living beings - including the animals. World Farmed Animal Day is a worldwide protest that aims to speak out against factory farming, slaughterhouses and the inhumane treatment of cows, chicken, pigs, sheep and other animals that are usually raised in order to produce food for humans.

Approximetly 56 billion animals are killed every single year by humans which doesn't include the fish and other sea life or the cruelty involved in obtaining milk, cheese & eggs. Although the world is beginning to become more aware of the treatment of animals, many think nothing of it when tucking in to their second helping of roast beef.

Even though World Farmed Animal Day is a particular day that inspires animal activists to come together and protest against the cruelty; it should also be a day where EVERYONE stops and thinks about the mindless suffering they face. It is a day where we should all take the time to honour the animals for their beauty, the joy they bring to us and the how we should treat them in return.

As Ghandi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

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Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan

After discovering the impact animal products have on the environment and our planet, Natalie, a keen traveller and adventurer, decided to go vegan over night. You can follow Natalie's travel and vegan food discoveries on her Instagram account @nat_sheblogs

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