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5 Easy Ways to Encourage People to Go Vegan!

5 Easy Ways to Encourage People to Go Vegan!

by Natalie Morgan

This Thursday, the 1st November, is officially World Vegan Day! 

TheVeganKind want to do our best to get as many people involved as possible in the celebrations. We believe that this is the perfect opportunity for the vegan community to spread the word to friends & family and show them just how great a vegan lifestyle is!

Unfortunately, vegans often have a bad wrap from the rest of society. People feel that the movement can be too pushy, resulting in them not wanting to find out more about veganism. Don't get us wrong, every day we can see the world progressing and many starting to be more open to the idea of going vegan. In order to help them along, TVK thought we would share 5 friendly ways in which you can encourage others to go vegan that are also a lot of fun!

1. Cook them a bloody lovely vegan meal!

We all know that the way to most people's hearts is through food - vegans included! People may be apprehensive to make the change because they feel they will miss out on all of their favourite meals, sweets & treats.

We need to show them that EVERYTHING can be 'veganised'. Seriously, the things they can do with cashews these days is just nuts (pun intended). 

Why not organise a full vegan dinner party with your nearest and dearest this Thursday to celebrate World Vegan Day! Put on a spread of plant-based goodies that will show them that there really is nothing they can't have. You could even go a step further and organise a vegan pot-luck and challenge your guests to get as creative as possible!

They will soon realise that the possibilities are endless!

2. Gift them with educational reads!

With Christmas fast approaching, what better way to spread the vegan message than through the gift of knowledge? TheVeganKind Supermarket has some great books that are filled with information on why veganism is the best choice for the environment, our overall health, the animals and also great food! Just check out the range of cookbooks we have in stock...DAMN they are good!

Thug Kitchen cookbook available on TheVeganKind Supermarket!

3. Organise a 'Docu Movie Marathon Night!'

Who doesn't love a movie night? Why not make it a little more interesting and host a 'Docu Movie Marathon Night' and show some of the eye-opening vegan documentaries? Get the vegan snacks in and pop on a couple of our favourites:

  • Cowspiracy
  • What The Health
  • Forks over Knives
  • Earthlings
  • Vegucated
  • Live & Let Live

We understand that some of these will be difficult to watch but sometimes, visuals are more powerful than words!

4. Take them on a day trip to an animal sanctuary!

We can think of nothing better than a fun day out with our loved ones, especially if it involves animals! By taking them to an animal sanctuary, they can see and hear first hand about the cruelty the animals face in order to keep up with the meat & dairy demands of society. Hopefully, this will help them make the connection and seriously think about what goes in their shopping basket. We can also guarantee that they will have the most memorable and fulfilling day!

5. Take them along to a vegan event!

There are so many vegan food festivals throughout the UK that provide the perfect opportunity to show others that being vegan is also a lot of fun! In Glasgow alone, there are regular vegan food festivals, fayres, markets, and even vegan beer festivals! These events always have an amazing, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to all and are a great way to help 'normalise' a vegan lifestyle. You know, help people to realise that no, we don't just live off of water and lettuce! 

Why not try one of these tactics this on World Vegan Day this Thursday to help show others just how incredible being vegan really is!

If you do end up using one of our ideas, please make sure to take photos and tag TheVeganKind!

Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan

After discovering the impact animal products have on the environment and our planet, Natalie, a keen traveller and adventurer, decided to go vegan over night. You can follow Natalie's travel and vegan food discoveries on her Instagram account @nat_sheblogs

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