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Common Questions Answered – Do Vegans Not Miss Meat!?

Common Questions Answered – Do Vegans Not Miss Meat!?

by Natalie Morgan

It can be safely assumed that the majority of people who have made the transition to a vegan lifestyle didn't do so because they disliked the taste of animal products, more often than not, they made the change because they believed that the benefits very much outweighed the taste. A question that you often get asked as a vegan is if you miss the things you no longer consume in particular, meat.

When people first make the transition to a vegan lifestyle, the answer may well be yes. Giving up something that you have been so used to having daily can be quite difficult and it does take time to adjust. However, we think it is safe to say that once you have settled into making kinder choices and discovered all of the fantastic meat alternative products,  your answer will change to a confident no - I do not miss meat, I do not need it and neither do you! 

Everyday, we are reading about new fantastic meat alternatives (we just got our hands on FacePlant Foods Vegan Square Sausage, talk about progress!) and many major restaurants chains are now offering vegan options or a full blow vegan menu. Changing to a vegan diet in 2018 could not be easier, especially when you have TheVeganKind Online Supermarket to give you a hand!

If you know somebody that needs convincing, then why not ask them to try some of the great meat alternative products we have in stock? Want some help deciding? Here are some of our absolute faves!

Don't Go Bacon My Heart - Yummy Bacon Alternatives!

Sgaia Mheats

Sgaia Mheats is a Scottish based vegan deli that always delivers the goods. Their notorious bacon strips are perfect when paired with avocado on toast, a Sunday morning fry up or on a good old fashioned B.L.T. If you are trying to convince a bacon lover to make the switch, then these are highly recommended!

Moodley Manor - Badass Bacon

Fancy a thicker cut of bacon to chomp down on? Then you should try Moodley Manor's thick cut bacon rashers! Add to a breaky roll, carbonara, make it a pizza topping or get all fancy and wrap it around some grilled asparagus! Oh, and you can feel totally 'badass' when eating it, does it get any better!?

Finger Lickin' Good - Chicken Alternatives

Veggyness Vegane Nuggets

As a kid, most of us have fond memories of chicken nuggets and chips. You can now relive those memories guilt free with the help of Veggyness Vegane Nuggets! Crispy on the outside and a tender on the inside, pair these with fried and some BBQ sauce and you have yourself the comfort meal of dreams! Why not finish with a homemade 'McFlurry' using Clarana non-dairy Smarties and some vegan ice-cream!?

Best. Idea. Ever.

VegiDeli Chicken Style Pieces

These are the perfect addition to a stir fry, pasta dish, in a curry, fajitas or with anything at all really. You can even eat them straight out the pack if you want a tasty, protein packed snack! 

TVK food inspo idea? Try these in a jumbo 'chicken' salad sanny with extra vegan mayo. 

You can thank us later.

There is Something Fishy Going On!? - Seafood Alternatives

Lord of Tofu - King Prawns

Christmas Prawn Cocktails anyone? The guys at Lord of Tofu have made sure you don't miss out on this festive dish with their totally vegan king prawns! These tofu based goodies not only taste legit, the texture is also spot on! Make sure to include these in your next TVK haul so you can show up everyone up at this years Christmas Dinner!

Lord of Tofu - Thuna

In the mood for some tuna pasta or an 'oh so classy' nicoise salad? Well, the Lord of Tofu geniuses also have this covered. Their tofu based tuna has added spices to give it that fishy taste and it goes perfectly with vegan mayo!

Let's Make a Toast to a Sunday Roast!

VBites Cheatin Vegan Roasts

You never need to miss out on a family Sunday Roast again! TVK stock  VBites Cheatin Vegan Roasts which include beef, turkey, gammon and a larger celebration roast that also has 'bacon wrapped sausages'. Why not invite the whole family over for an epic Sunday Roast and show them how vegans really dine!

Not only do meat alternatives taste pretty amazing but making the choice to consume them over animal products is also helping to protect our planet against devastating environmental issues, save the lives of millions of animals as well as reducing your chances of developing many life threatening illnesses. Seriously, what is there not to love!?

This is only some of the amazing meat alternatives we have available at TVK. To find out about the rest, visit our 'other alternatives' section on TheVeganKind Supermarket today!

Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan

After discovering the impact animal products have on the environment and our planet, Natalie, a keen traveller and adventurer, decided to go vegan over night. You can follow Natalie's travel and vegan food discoveries on her Instagram account @nat_sheblogs

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