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Common Questions Answered - Do Vegans Not Miss Cheese!?

Common Questions Answered - Do Vegans Not Miss Cheese!?

by Natalie Morgan

'I think I could go vegetarian, but I could never, ever go vegan because I absolutely LOVE cheese'.

Sound familiar?

For many, cheese is legit life. The idea of a world without it makes some people break out into a hot sweat. They automatically imagine a life without cheese boards, pizza, mac & cheese, cheesy beans on toast or chips cheese and curry sauce after a big night and their guard is instantly up. Trying to pry the block of cheddar out of their hands seems like an impossible task and a few years ago, it may well have been...but NOT today!

Now, the range of vegan 'cheese' available is insane that the need to eat  'real' cheese is pretty, well, non-existant. You will struggle to find a cheese that hasn't been veganised and lucky for you, you can find most of them in the one place -TheVeganKind Supermarket!

It is time to get the cheese fondue party invites out because our current stock deserves a proper soiree!

Here are just a some we have available on TVK!


The hype around Halloumi right now is crazy and vegans can also join in the fun thanks to Green Vie. Green Vie have created a dairy-free Halloumi so you can also bang on about how amazing it is only you can do it totally guilt free as no animals suffered in the process! Fried Halloumi anyone!?


A cheese staple that is a go to for toasties, melted on top of nachos or on a baked tattie, cheddar is the top of the cheese hierarchy. Just as well we have loads to choose from! We especially love Sheese award winning mild cheddar.

PS - the fact it is made in Scotland may have something to do with it! 

Blue Cheese

Vegan blue cheese? Seriously!? Yes, seriously! Made from sprouted brown rice, seaweed and ulva sea lettuce, this creation is MozzarRisella blue cheese spread is legit and we cannot get enough of it! Try it on some crackers or used as a blue cheese dip for some homemade wedges!

Cream Cheese

The great thing about cream cheese is that it goes with both sweet and savoury condiments! Top it with vegan bacon, tomato and lettuce and you have yourself a delicious breaky sanny. After something sweeter? try it on a bagel with jam or in a vegan cheesecake recipe! The team at Violife really know their stuff when it comes to dairy-free anything and this, along with all their other cream cheese flavours, does not disappoint. Bravo guys, bravo!


You never have to have a cheese-less pizza every again with Tofrutti. Layer it on with some vegan pepperoni and you have yourself something pretty damn special. You can cry with happiness when you bite into it btw, don't worry, we all understand the pizza love.

Flavoured Cheese

Caramalised onion? Smoked? Hot & Spicy? Cranberry infused? We have to all on TVK Supermarket! Buy a selection and make up your own vegan cheese platter with some vegan 'meats' to really impress the dairy-free cheese doubters!

Something Special...

Fancy something, well, pure fancy!? Tyne Chease has created a number of flavoured traditional made 'cheeses' that have been created to accompany fine wines, crackers and grapes. Your usual five pound vegan wine deal won't cut it here! Vegan fine dining at it's best!

What do TVK think is one of the best ways to try and encourage people to go vegan? We really feel that showing them that there really is nothing they cannot have! The number of cheesy dishes that can be veganised is limitless. Help inspire them to get creative in the kitchen, ask them to give everything a try and show them the abundance of plant-based alternatives available.

Again, this is only a small selection of the 'cheese' we have in stock on TheVeganKind Supermarket. Make sure you check out our cheese section and don't be afraid to go nuts because 'cheese' is legit life!

Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan

After discovering the impact animal products have on the environment and our planet, Natalie, a keen traveller and adventurer, decided to go vegan over night. You can follow Natalie's travel and vegan food discoveries on her Instagram account @nat_sheblogs

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