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Have Yourself A Very Vegan Christmas With These Festive Must Haves!

Have Yourself A Very Vegan Christmas With These Festive Must Haves!

With Christmas being only 27 days away, you may find yourself reaching for the panic button when you start thinking about everything you need to organise. Presents, food, drink and trying to outdo your neighbours Christmas lights can be pretty stressful. Oh and let's not forget the task of trying to please your non-vegan family members with a not so traditional Christmas feast.

If you want to show your loved ones that a vegan Christmas is just as great as a traditional Christmas, you want to make sure that you have everything covered. Most people know that there are many meat alternatives out there and are happy to give the nut roast a go, however, they may feel that a completely vegan Christmas means that they will miss out on all of the extras that make Christmas, well Christmas. We are talking about the after-dinner desserts, snacks and drinks that we are all too full to eat but eat anyway. The mulled wine, mince pies and Christmas pudding that Grandma just can't do without.

Luckily for you, TheVeganKind has many Christmas staples that have all of the flavours but none of the cruelty. Here are just some of our favourites that we currently have on TVK!

Mulled Wine Spice Kit

Nothing beats a spiced mulled wine at Christmas. We are currently stocking Steenbergs mulled wine spice kit so you can get your fill. Each box has 5 sachets which contain a spice mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger & coriander. Simply pick up your favourite vegan red wine, heat and add a sachet to make a delicious mug of pure Christmas joy. 

Mince Pies

Is Christmas even Christmas without mince pies!? We have a pretty strong mince pie game on TVK Supermarket because we understand the importance of having a stock of them throughout December; preferable a stock that is easy to reach!

If you fancy something a little different, grab yourself some of Lottie Shaw's Rum or Gin Iced pies!

A mince pie a day keeps the Doctor away! That is the saying, right?

After Dinner Mint Thins

In most UK households, once Christmas dinner has settled, the After Eights come out. Divine has created a vegan-friendly version that tastes bloody delicious! Made with their award-winning dark chocolate and soft peppermint centre, you better be prepared for your guests to be fighting over the last one. 

No seriously, you have been warned!

Divine - After Dinner, Dark Chocolate Mint Thins (200g) - TheVeganKind


Do you want to really impress your guests? Then get yourself a Go Vegan Panettone. Yup, there is now a vegan version of the traditional Italian fruitcake that comes in oh so sophisticated packaging. Serve it warm with some custard and you are on to an absolute winner!

Belvoir Pre-Mixed Festive Drinks

We are currently stocking Belvoir pre-mixed drinks! Take your pick from their festive fruit punch or mulled wine. Both are non-alcoholic making them perfect for little ones or for the designated drivers. However, they also taste great with a splash of vodka (Festive Fruit Punch flavour) or mixed with red wine (Mulled Wine flavour).

Belvoir - Festive Fruit Punch (750ml) - TheVeganKind

Candy Kittens Christmas Cracker

If you want to jazz up your dinner table this Christmas and really treat your guests, why not go all out with some Candy Kittens Crackers? Instead of winning a miniature thimble, your party will be treated to some seriously good gourmet sweets! These will definitely show people that a vegan Christmas is, in fact, the best kind of Christmas!

Benevo Organic Dog Cake Mix

Yup, you read that right. Benevo have created a carob and cinnamon doggy cake mix so even your lovely pooch will be able to join in the fun! Easy bake, certified organic ingredients with coconut frosting to decorate, you might have to restrain yourself from having a slice! 

Angelic Christmas Pudding Biscuits

After a long day of Christmas shenanigans, being able to chill out with a wee cuppa and a (few) biscuit(s) while watching Home Alone for the 10th time is sheer bliss. Angelic has created Christmas Pudding Biscuits that are perfect for dunking or crushed over some dairy-free ice cream or the ultimate treat!

Angelic Gluten Free Christmas Pudding Biscuits (125g) - TheVeganKind

This is only a small selection of what we have available on TVK. We currently have loads of incredible festive products which can all be found under our Christmas section and we will be adding to this on the run up to the big day! Make sure to keep checking so you can make sure your Christmas is an absolute belter! 

Cheers to a very happy & merry Vegan Christmas!

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