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Common Questions Answered - What is Wrong With Free Range Eggs?

Common Questions Answered - What is Wrong With Free Range Eggs?

by Natalie Morgan

So you have managed to explain to people why you don't eat meat or dairy and they understand, however, they are still utterly baffled by the whole no egg thing. Your egg-eating friends and family can't seem to understand why eggs are off the shopping list. Taking the eggs doesn't directly harm the chooks, and free range eggs are surely ethical...right?

Well no, unfortunately, even free-range eggs are by no means ethical, and many people would be extremely shocked to find out what exactly occurs in order for them to have their Eggs Benedict.

So what is wrong with eggs? Let's break it down...

In 2017, the UK alone was said to have consumed nearly 13 million eggs. To meet such high demands; many chickens are needed which leads to a lot of chickens being farmed in minimal space. Most of us understand that caged eggs are from chickens that are locked in small cages and endure very sad, traumatic lives. However, your 'free-range eggs' aren't much better. To be classified as as free-range, the chickens need to have a certain amount of room as well as being allowed outdoor access. You may think that by purchasing free-range eggs, you are making the ethical choice but the truth is, the many loopholes and similar caged-egg farming methods mean that the chickens are still suffering, regardless of what the label says.

The loopholes in egg farming allow for the chickens to be kept indoors if there is any 'concern'  over their health and safety. Many egg farms take advantage of these loopholes meaning the chickens get no outdoor activity and are only free to roam inside the chicken shed. Most free-range chickens still have to endure the pain of having their beaks being trimmed by hot blades, so they do not peck any of the other animals (due to being in such confined spaces) and suffer from the same health issues that are the result of lack of fresh air and daylight. Just because it says 'organic' or 'free range' does not mean that they do not suffer the same poor, inhumane treatment; the abuse still occurs, just in a slightly larger space.

Another horrific act that is carried out by the egg industry is the devastating fate of male chicks. As they are no use to the egg farms, they are usually killed after they hatch, or even before through technology used to reveal the sex of the embryo. Oh and remember the fact on how many eggs are consumed in the UK alone per year? On average, a wild chicken lays only 20 eggs per year so to meet the demands, the female chickens are made to lay closer to 500 eggs annually through a number of farming methods (high protein feed, constant artificial lighting etc), and once they have been completely and utterly exhausted (usually within a few months), they are then discarded and replaced with another to continue the cycle. Regardless of the eggs being free-range or not, the animal's fate is the same as chickens raised for meat. Once they are deemed to be 'useless' they are removed without a second thought.

In conclusion, the entire egg industry is just another example of the meaningless use, abuse and slaughter of animals for human 'benefit'.

So what are you to do without eggs? Removing eggs seems to be the one of the main reasons why a lot of people won't consider a vegan diet or fully transition from an already vegetarian diet. Well folks, we really do live in exciting times as there are now loads of egg replacer products available on the market! TheVeganKind have a selection on our online supermarket that are all great scrambled, as an omelette, a frittata or used for baking a delicious vegan cake! 

Here are just some of the egg replacers we currently have in stock that we dare you or your egg-eating friends to try!

Orgran Vegan Easy Egg

Orgran Vegan Easy Egg allows you to enjoy all of your eggy faves without harming any cute chooks! Perfect for scrambled 'egg' and toast on a Sunday morning or in a quiche or frittata recipe and not to mention zero cholesterol and fat with each pack contacting the equivalent of 15 eggs!

Orgran Vegan Easy Egg (250g) - TheVeganKind

Terra Vegane Egg-Free Egg Yolk

Yup, not only can you get an egg replacer, you can also get an egg yolk replacer! Terra Vegans have created this egg yolk replacer for baking and sauce recipes that only requires a 5g scoop added to 20ml of water. Talk about a money saver!

Terra Vegane Golden Exx Egg Alternative (150g) - TheVeganKind

Bonsan Organic Vegan Breaky Scramble

Bonson vegan scramble is made with tofu and spices and will make you mornings both delicious and nutritions! This is also amazing with crushed avocado or mixed with vegan mayo for a classic 'egg mayo' & cress sanny!

Visit TheVeganKind Supermarket today to find more egg replacer products! If you or somebody you know is still on the fence about consuming eggs, we encourage you or them to do their research into what really makes an egg 'free-range'.

Be kind, go vegan and keep asking questions!

Natalie Morgan

Natalie Morgan

After discovering the impact animal products have on the environment and our planet, Natalie, a keen traveller and adventurer, decided to go vegan over night. You can follow Natalie's travel and vegan food discoveries on her Instagram account @nat_sheblogs

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