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Vegan Boutique Receives An Order For A £111 Blue Faux Fur Shawl From Buckingham Palace

Vegan Boutique Receives An Order For A £111 Blue Faux Fur Shawl From Buckingham Palace

A vegan shop in Cheshire received a request for £111 faux fur scarf from Buckingham Palace. It comes one month after Queen's dresser revealed that the monarch will no longer buy fur products.

The Haven Home Interiors sells 100 per cent vegan, PETA approved  vegan fur products  made in England.

The shop owner Jenny Mason, was stunned to receive the order from Buckingham Palace.  She commented: "We are not sure at this point who may be lucky enough to showcase the beautiful scarf, but to receive an order from the Palace left us all elated.”

 “The fact that faux fur is now on the rise and for someone from the Palace to potentially be including our items in their wardrobe is truly wonderful.”

Jenny explained that the vegan "fur" fabrics that make up the scarf are 100 per cent acrylic; each fibre is highly polished to makes the fabrics soft and silky - and feel just like real fur.

"Many fur scarves can state "faux fur" but often when goods have been made in China, for example, real dog, cat or rabbit fur is often used. To ensure a genuine faux fur product, buying from trusted UK made and sourced brands is recommended."

Jenny’s business is ethical, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable. She says they do what they can to minimise the environmental impact of their products.

"Each faux fur accessory has been designed and made in England by a dedicated team, who firmly believe in quality and attention to detail. Every cut is considered, every stitch concise," she explains. 

The Queen is believed to be the first member of the royal family to publicly ditch real fur.


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