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Moving Mountains Has Launched A Vegan Sausage

Moving Mountains Has Launched A Vegan Sausage

Plant-based meat manufacturer Moving Mountains has expanded its range of vegan products. The company has launched a new item - the plant-based sausage.  It will be soon available in supermarkets across European countries.

The sausage contains only natural ingredients such as oyster mushrooms, beetroot and seasonings such as pepper and nutmeg for the original flavour and aroma. 

Moving Mountains Sausage has been created in a way to mimic the real thing. The company claims that its products come as close as possible to animal meat in terms of appearance, smell and taste.
It feels like a traditional Bratwurst and when broken into it reflects the perfect ‘snap’.

It is a healthy high protein product. It contains 14 grams of plant-based proteins per 100 gram of sausage. Vitamin B has been added to maximise the health aspect of the product. The sausages are also cholesterol-free. 

The new Moving Mountains products will be available in the supermarkets in 2020.

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