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Daring Foods Is Launching Healthy Vegan Chicken In The U.S. Thanks To $10 Million Investment

Glasgow-based vegan meat producer Daring Foods started selling its “chicken” in the United Kingdom at the beginning of this year. Soon, the company will be launching its Daring Chick*n Piecesin the U.S. 

Daring Foods received a $10 million investment from Rastelli Foods Group, a major U.S. food company supplying hotels, restaurants and retail markets. The investment combines cash with infrastructure, sales and distribution support. Thanks to this backing, Daring plans to launch its products in the United States in February, selling directly to consumers from the company’s website.  

Daring Foods is going to focus on the American market and it will be moving its headquarters from Glasgow to New York.

Daring's vegan chicken is a healthier option for plant-based meat fans. 
It has no artificial ingredients, instead, it is made from five non-genetically modified ingredients — water, soy, sunflower oil, salt and natural seasoning which consists of paprika, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace and cardamom. It mimics the texture and feel of the real chicken.
“We’re not here to be a gimmick, we’re here to be part of your life every day,” said Daring Foods co-founder and CEO Ross Mackay.  “There’s a big need for a plant-based food that’s actually healthy.”

The company founders hope to create the “second generation” of plant-based meat products — products that are healthier and that consumers can eat every day. 

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