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Wagamama Has Launched Vegan Tuna

Wagamama Has Launched Vegan Tuna

Wagamama is the first major UK restaurant chain to launch a vegan “tuna”. 

The new vegan dish is made from dehydrated watermelon which is then sliced, sizzled and served hot.

The unique preparation process gives it the look and texture of the real tuna sashimi. Although,he restaurant says the flavour remains like that of watermelon, rather than fish.  

To prepare the fish-alternative the chefs slice the watermelon and then put it in brine with salt, to “balance the sugars and help with flavour”. Then they cook the watermelon steak at a low temperature for a long time to soften the fruit.

The watermelon tuna is served with a miso sesame sauce, white rice, soy seasoning, radish, kale and broccoli with avocado, edamame beans and tofu guacamole. 

Wagamama executive chef Steve Mangleshot said: “My team and I are always excited about creating new dishes, we love to innovate and make people think about the food they are eating."

“The watermelon tuna dish is all about innovation and creating exceptional vegan food for our guests. The joy of being able to produce really cool food that is both vegan and tastes fantastic at the same time is what it’s all about.”

The dish will be available in Wagamama restaurants nationwide throughout January and it will cost £12.95. 

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