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Carluccio’s To Introduce New Dishes With Vegan Gorgonzola

Carluccio’s To Introduce New Dishes With Vegan Gorgonzola

Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s is offering a new vegan menu this Veganuary, featuring ‘Veganzola - a plant-based version of Italian gorgonzola cheese.

 The new Cucina Verde menu includes Veganesca Spaghetti, a vegan version of the traditional Puttanesca; and the Veganese, the popular plant-based version of the Chicken Milanese.

An innovative new dish Tortellini di Veganzola will appear on the menu. Tortellini will be filled with the plant-based alternative to the Italian favourite gorgonzola cheese which Carluccio’s claims “has the characteristic tangy flavour that makes the cheese so iconic.”

Other dishes on the special Veganuary menu include Gnocchi e Zucca, pan-fried gnocchi and butternut squash with spinach pesto, crispy sage and pesto and the Panella di Ceci, Carluccio’s take on the popular Sicilian street food; crispy chickpea fritters.

The menu will feature a brand new starter – chestnut hummus, made with chestnuts, red and yellow pepper, garlic and a hint of cayenne pepper served alongside ciappe crispbread.

Carluccio’s new menu will be available from 8th January to 11th February in all the restaurants in the UK. 

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