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Colgate Has Launched New Vegan Toothpaste

Colgate Has Launched New Vegan Toothpaste

Major toothpaste producer Colgate has just launched two kinds of vegan toothpaste. 

The new dental care products have been certified by the Vegan Society which means they don't contain any animal-derived products and weren't tested on animals. Both products are also environmentally-friendly, and their packaging is fully recyclable.
The new Colgate brand is called 'Smile For Good', and it will be available across the UK and EU.

Traditional toothpaste may contain animal ingredients such as glycerin, bone char, and bee products like propolis.
Propolis and bee pollen may be added to the toothpaste to enhance its antimicrobial effects. Glycerin often comes from vegetable sources, but it can also come from animal fat. Bone char is a common abrasive, and it's labelled as “calcium phosphate" on the toothpaste ingredients list. There are vegan alternatives that also use the term"calcium phosphate", but the leading producers do not reveal the sources, making it difficult for consumers to tell the difference when shopping for a cruelty-free toothpaste. 

The new Colgate launch comes as many customers shift to cruelty-free and more sustainable products. 

Numerous giant cosmetic companies try to keep up with vegan trends. Procter & Gamble ended animal testing on 19 of its brands last year. CoverGirl, Estée Lauder and Avon have declared their brands cruelty-free.

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