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Plant-based Meat Startup THIS Receives Investment To Expand

Plant-based Meat Startup THIS Receives Investment To Expand

The UK company THIS which produces meat alternatives such as ‘This isn’t bacon' and 'This isn't chicken', announced it has raised £4.7 million investment. The funding round was led by London-based fund Backed, including investors from Five Seasons Venture and Seedcamp. 

London-based startup THIS was founded in 2018 by Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman. The company founders wanted to create plant-based chicken and bacon alternatives that look and taste like the real meat.Today, the company supplies shops across the whole country.  

According to the announcement, the new investment will be used for a research and development centre and to employ more staff.

Alex Brunicki and Andre de Haes, partners at Backed said: "Food sustainability is a topic we care a great deal about.”
Carlos Espinal, Seedcamp’s managing partner, said the THIS product “not only address increased consumer demand for meat-free alternatives but also help contribute towards building a more diverse and sustainable food supply-chain that has already attracted the interest of many top retail brands.”

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