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Greggs Could Soon Launch Vegan Chicken

Greggs Could Soon Launch Vegan Chicken

A vegan chicken sandwich could soon appear at Greggs stores after the boss of the bakery chain revealed that it is “evaluating more vegan products”.

Greggs boss Roger Whiteside said: “[Vegan] chicken is a way forward. I have seen some good products out there.”

Greggs has had a "phenomenal year" thanks to the successful launch of vegan sausage roll a year ago.

The iconic vegan sausage roll has helped boost the company’s sales and attract new customers. Since then Greggs has rolled out more innovative vegan snacks  including a vegan doughnut and a vegan steak bake.

The vegan chicken pastry could be either the meat-free version of the chain’s Mexican chicken or roast chicken and mayonnaise baguettes.

While the meat-free steak bake is selling very well, it has not surpassed the success of the sausage roll, yet.

Greggs boss jokes it is the firm’s “second best selling vegan product”.

He also explained that vegan products often face challenges “technically and operationally”. Most fail a taste test, he said - or raw materials are not available in the industrial quantities needed.

Yesterday, Greggs said it was sharing a £7 million bonus between workers after its good year.

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