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Boris Johnson Said Veganism Is A Crime Against Cheese Lovers

Boris Johnson Said Veganism Is A Crime Against Cheese Lovers

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he wants to lose weight in 2020 and he is considering changing his diet. 

However, he won't try to go vegan because it means giving up cheese and it requires too much concentration.

In an interview with the BBC today, Johnson said that he would not be taking part in Veganuary this year. 

When asked to address rumours that he had decided to go vegan for January to lose weight, he laughed: “No, I am not. I had thought of it but it requires so much concentration."

 The British Prime Minister said that he admires vegans who follow a strictly plant-based diet and avoid all animal products. 
“I take my hat off to vegans who can handle it and manage to avoid all non-vegan products, I mean, you can’t eat cheese, can you, if you’re a vegan?”, he said. 

He added that avoiding dairy products is "a crime against cheese lovers."

It was reported in 2019 that Johnson's partner, Carrie Symonds, who is an environmental campaigner, had convinced Johnson to try a vegan lifestyle and give up meat and dairy during his Tory leadership bid.

Veganuary aims to attract more than 350,000 participants around the world this year. In 2019 more than 250,000 people pledged to try a vegan diet during the campaign, while restaurants and supermarkets launched hundreds of new vegan products and menus.

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