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Oatly Is Giving Away Free Coffee Across The UK In January

Oatly Is Giving Away Free Coffee Across The UK In January

Oatly is launching its first marketing campaign outside London. This is Oatly’s biggest and most expensive advertising campaign so far, and the Swedish company is preparing something special for its fans this time. 

The company will promote the oat drink in cities such as Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton throughout Veganuary via a series of off-the-wall posters. The brand awareness campaign will feature lines such as ‘If you don’t put that smartphone down how are you ever going to notice this ad for oat drink?’

As part of this campaign, Oatly will run pop-up coffee shops across the UK, giving everybody the chance to sample tea and coffee with their oat milk. Customers will be able to taste hot drinks with Skinny, Semi or Whole Oat Milk. The pop-ups will be available during one weekend only in each of these cities: Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton and London. Oatly will also be giving away 27,000 coffees in 15 cafes across the UK From January 13-26. 

Oatly’s creative director Michael Lee said: “So we’ve been mostly hanging around East London for a while now, chatting up the post-milk lifestyle to anyone willing to listen and figured it might be cool to spread our oat propaganda to parts of the UK we’ve never been to before. So if you find yourself thinking about oat drink on a bus in Manchester or imagining a more plant-based future on the streets of Glasgow, don’t worry, it’s just our advertising trying to sell you on a cooler, cow-less and altogether more progressive way of life - through oats. Or something like that.”

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