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Vegan Kilts For Ethical Scottish Vegans

Vegan Kilts For Ethical Scottish Vegans

Scott Wood has been a kiltmaker for more than 10 years, he went vegan three ago and decided to switch to vegan-friendly kilts.

The made-to-order kilts are suitable for vegans which means they do not contain any animal-based traditional materials such as wool and leather. Instead, Scott uses cotton and polyester viscose.
"I still wanted to wear my kilt but it collided with my new beliefs, so I made a vegan one for myself. Then I had a light bulb idea that there may be other people in my situation," Scott Wood told BBC. 

Scott’s vegan range includes about 100 different tartans people can choose from for their vegan kilt, fastened with fake leather straps.Vegan kilts are more durable than the traditional one and they are machine washable.

As veganism is becoming more and more popular is Scotland the demand for vegan kilts grows.

Glasgow-based company Slanj became the first one to register a vegan tartan with the Scottish Tartans Authority in 2019. The company founders admit it was not easy to bring the traditional national garment into the 21st Century.

Ross Lyall, general manager at Slanj, explained: "We've had the usual naysayers who believe it's not really a kilt because it's not made from wool. But we've also come across a bit of backlash. The big problem is vegan-friendly kilts are not necessarily sustainable".

Their kilts are also made from a polyester viscose which is unsustainable material for the environment so it cannot be acceptable by everyone. Making kilts environmentally-friendly is another big step for the company. The company wants to use hemp in the future, which is more sustainable alternative - although this is a tricky process and it's too expensive for now. 

"The feedback has been more positive than negative. It really has meant a lot to people and it's massively high on the agenda for us going forward," he said.

The latest reports suggest the number of vegans in the UK will continue to rise.

"Veganism in general is kicking off in a big way," Scott Wood said.

"And I think in maybe five, ten years time there will be a lot more people like me." 

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