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Duke Of Edinburgh Award Recommends Veganism For Teenagers

Duke Of Edinburgh Award Recommends Veganism For Teenagers

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award has published a list of 25 “essential activities every teenager should do” and one of them is trying veganism or vegetarianism. 

The DofE Award was founded by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh over sixty years ago and it recognises young people for completing challenges such as helping the community, improving their fitness and taking part in expeditions.

The charity surveyed 4,000 people, including teachers, parents, young people, professionals and business leaders to discover the best activities for teens. 

The survey participants selected activities that would provide young people with the tools to build their “confidence, independence and resilience”, support their wellbeing and help them achieve success.

One of the activities featured on the list is “Try vegetarianism or veganism”, a trend that has been “largely driven by young people”.

You might want to switch to a plant-based diet for health reasons or because you’re worried about the environmental impact of meat and dairy,” the organisation states.

“As a young person, you’ll increasingly make these kinds of decisions about your life – you’re becoming independent and you want to stand up for the things you believe in."

The charity advises that young people considering adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle should do research and speak to their friends and family about the decision.

The Vegan Society estimates that approximately one in 10 British children aged between 8 and 16 are vegan or vegetarian, with 44 per cent trying to consume less meat, dairy and eggs.

According to the report, 44 per cent of the teenagers don’t feel they are given sufficient opportunity to build their confidence, resilience or independence. 43 per cent had never campaigned for a cause they felt strongly about, and more than half said they had never had a part-time job. 

The report also suggests that young people should try to spend less time on their digital devices and social media. 

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