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First 100% Vegan Kiosk In The Premier League Opens At Stamford Bridge

First 100% Vegan Kiosk In The Premier League Opens At Stamford Bridge

by Agi Kaja

You can now get a range of delicious vegan options on match days at Stamford Bridge. 

Chelsea Football Club announced the opening of its new fully vegan kiosk - “the first of its kind in the Premier League.”

The Chelsea Football Club is taking steps towards being more eco-friendly and reduce the “carbon impact of the animal products used on-site” by providing more plant-based dishes.

The kiosk is located in the West Stand Lower concourse and offers a range of vegan dishes, including vegan pizzas, buffalo cauliflower wings, vegan doner kebab, vegan halloumi and falafel wraps.

The menu was created in partnership with the club’s official catering partners Levy UK. 

Levy UK has pledged to “deliver a 50 per cent reduction in beef consumption” as part of its four-year contract extension, as well as aiming to reduce food waste by 20 per cent by the end of 2020.

The vegan kiosk will not offer single-use plastics. 

Simon Hunter, Chelsea head of venue and development, said: “We are pleased to be offering sports fans plant-based alternatives at our venue. Reducing our environmental impact as well as offering fans plant-based options where we can is something we’re very committed to, and the launch of the vegan kiosk with Levy UK is a further positive step in doing so.

“Chelsea FC takes pride in its forward-thinking and innovative approach within the sports sector as to how we can improve the fan experience. The vegan kiosk is part of our mission to innovate, by creating something unique for fans that tastes great."

Jon Davies, managing director at Levy UK, said: “There’s a demand for football stadiums to follow consumer demand for more sustainable, responsible and diverse food and drink options. Adopting a reductionist approach where possible will allow us to provide great-tasting, plant-based food as well as combating food waste and reducing our impact on the environment.

“The launch of the vegan kiosk with Chelsea FC is testament to both parties’ commitment to tackle issues surrounding more sustainable menu options.”

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