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Vegan Burgers Are Outselling Meat Burgers At LEON

Vegan Burgers Are Outselling Meat Burgers At LEON

by Agi Kaja

The healthy fast-food chain LEON has revealed that vegan burgers are now outselling traditional meat burgers in their restaurants. 

Vegan options make up almost 60 per cent of total sales across LEON’s stores with vegan burger sales surging from 41.3 per cent to 56.8 per cent in 2020.

The company operates more than 75 restaurants in the UK.

The chain's most popular vegan dish is the LOVE burger, which is made from a beetroot soy patty, topped with smoked gouda-style vegan cheese, tomatoes and pickles. 

The second favourite is the new chipotle and avocado burger, which is currently selling better than predicted by 57 per cent.

The chain surveyed 3 000 customers and the results show that 55 per cent of people are now eating less meat than they did one year ago.

The survey also identified that the main reasons behind reduced meat consumption were health and environmental concerns.

Erica Molyneaux, head of food at LEON, said: “Vegan and veggie dishes have always been on LEON’s menus, but we’re now starting to see the market catch up.

"Sales of our vegan burgers have really taken off, with more than half of our sales now in vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

“It’s always been important to offer food that tastes and does people good, and that includes our range of plant-based dishes – bold, full of flavour and that everyone can enjoy.”

Agi Kaja

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