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Meat-Eaters Admit Vegan Diet Is More Ethical And Better For The Planet

Meat-Eaters Admit Vegan Diet Is More Ethical And Better For The Planet

by Agi Kaja

New research conducted by the University of Bath found that most of the meat-eaters viewed veganism as more ethical and better for the environment than a regular diet. 

Most of the people do not disagree with the fundamental idea of veganism, but some reasons keep them away from adopting a vegan lifestyle. 

The survey of 1,000 UK adult men and women found that 73 per cent considered veganism to be ethical, while 70 per cent said it was good for the environment.

However, 61 per cent said adopting a vegan diet was not enjoyable. The main reason for that is the taste of the food. 

Most of the people claim that plant-based meat alternatives are not as tasty as the traditional meat products. 

Another reason that holds people from going vegan is the higher prices of meat substitutes and vegan food products in supermarkets. 

Majority of the people also believe that maintaining a vegan lifestyle is complicated, with 77 per cent saying it was inconvenient, and 83 per cent saying it was not easy. They claim they are struggling for meal ideas and finding vegan versions of the products is hard.

Other possible obstacles such as health concerns and social stigma are not that important, with 60 per cent considering veganism to be socially acceptable, and over half saying it was healthy.

More studies confirm that people are aware of the right reasons to stop eating animal products, but they are not willing to bear the personal cost of doing so.

However, these reasons may soon be outdated. 

Recently, going vegan has become easier than ever before. 

The range, quality, and affordability of vegan options have improved significantly. 

Meat alternatives become tastier, cheaper and more widely available. Nearly one-fourth food products launched in the UK in 2019 were labelled vegan. Restaurants and popular fast-food chains are adding more vegan options to their menus, and this allows meat-eaters to replace animal products easily. 

Therefore, the number of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians in the UK is growing fast, and it will have significant implications for the future of the food industry.

As meat alternatives get more popular, they will be more available everywhere and much cheaper in the future. 

The food producers are working hard to improve the taste and quality of plant-based products while the taste of meat and its negative impact will stay the same. 

Soon, the meat-eaters will remain without arguments for keeping eating meat.

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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