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Reviews Quoting ‘Vegan’ More Than Doubled

Reviews Quoting ‘Vegan’ More Than Doubled

by Agi Kaja

A new report has revealed the percentage of vegan-related reviews rose by 104% between January 2019 and January 2020.

The latest data from customer feedback and online reputation website Feed It Back, has revealed that the number of reviews citing the word ‘vegan’ during the first weeks of this year’s Veganuary is more than double of previous Veganuary figures.

According to collected data, positive reviews mentioning ‘vegan’ during Veganuary 2020 are related to the taste of meals, with 16% of positive reviews mentioning the word ‘delicious’.

The second most used is the word ‘choice’ with 15% of all positive reviews and ‘price’ coming in third with 12%.

When analysing the negative reviews, the data shows that 11% of all negative ‘vegan’ reviews mentioned the word ‘breakfast’, followed by ‘burgers’ (7%), and ‘pizza’ at (2%).

CEO of Feed It Back, Carlo Platia said: “Veganism was the stand-out trend of 2019, gathering significant momentum throughout the year and attracting the attention of new product development across the hospitality and retail industries.

 “Consequently, the figures reveal there has been a spike in consumer expectations around what constitutes quality vegan dishes and with more consumers opting to trial veganism during Veganuary, the trend shows no sign of slowing down.” 

Platia continued: “While there’s been an increase in the amount of choice available to people adopting a vegan diet, there still remains work to be done on refining dishes at particular parts of the day, namely the breakfast day part.

“Staying close to the evolving trends of the hospitality industry and remaining dynamic to tracking, reviewing and analysing the performance of new dishes, not just on sales but also guest sentiment, is imperative to remaining competitive in the challenging high street market.”

Agi Kaja

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