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Vegan Family Business In Triple-Digit Growth

Vegan Family Business In Triple-Digit Growth

by Agi Kaja

A vegan food producer Fry Family Food Co is celebrating a massive sales growth after securing listings in major supermarket chains. 

The company increased its sales by more than 211% last year, with retail sales value reaching £5.6 million. The company claimed its year-on-year growth was among the highest recorded in the UK’s booming meat-free food industry. 

Fry’s was founded in 1991 by Wally and Debbie Fry and they began producing meatless sausages in their family kitchen. 

Today, Fry’s is a second-generation family business with an estimated worth of £474.5 million.

The vegan brand offers a wide selection of both fresh and frozen plant-based meat alternatives, snacks and ready meals. The product range is 100% vegan, non-genetically modified and uses only natural seasoning. 

For this year’s Veganuary, Fry’s has launched fish-style fillets and two different styles of sourdough pizzas – Mediterranean-style and smoky BBQ.

The company said its recent financial success could be in part explained by moving their products from health stores to the shelves of major UK food supermarkets. 

This year, the brand is introducing three new lines of products and it's expecting that sales growth will continue in the next years. 

Fry’s international marketing director Tammy Fry, said: “It’s exciting to see the business achieve so much in such a competitive market,” Fry said. “These figures demonstrate a 30-year commitment to providing high-quality meat-free products that people enjoy.

“We will continue to expand our range and look for new retail opportunities as vegetarian and vegan food firmly enters the mainstream.”

Agi Kaja

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