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Vegan Brand Arctic Fox Donates Profits To Help Animals

Vegan Brand Arctic Fox Donates Profits To Help Animals

by Agi Kaja

Vegan hair care brand Arctic Fox will donate all online sales to three charities working to rehabilitate animals in Australia and one rescuing factory-farmed animals in the United States.

For the whole month, the vegan company will donate all of its online profits each week to four organisations helping animals. 

During the first week of February, the brand will donate sales to the International Fund for Animal Welfare. The money will be used to help rescue animals from the bushfires in Australia.  

The recent devastating fires burned over 26 million acres of Australia, killing an estimated one billion animals. 

During the second and third weeks, the Arctic Fox will donate to a major non-profit working to save koalas and their habitats - Friends of the Australian Koala Foundation and Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s Global Recovery Fund.

During the last week of February, Arctic Fox will donate sales to Animal Place, an organisation that rescues animals from factory farming in the United States. 

The charity works in an effort to illustrate that animals are suffering globally, whether at the hands of climate change-fueled disasters in Australia or the animal-agriculture industry at large.

Arctic Fox Founder and CEO Edward Bae said; “Acquiring a business strategy that’s a force for greater good is a gain for your company, your employees, and those—human and non-human—that are in need.”

“It is incredibly humbling to know that we have the support of so many that choose our products because we give back to animals. Doing our part by donating is a leading factor of our company mission, and for the month of February, our main focus.”

 Arctic Fox is also encouraging others to donate to these organisations directly:

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