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Jaden Smith Hosts A Vegan Party In L.A.

Jaden Smith Hosts A Vegan Party In L.A.

by Agi Kaja

Actor and musician Jaden Smith hosted a vegan party “Carnival Of Love” in Los Angeles last weekend.

The party featured vegan diners and food trucks, including Smith’s own food truck — the I Love You Restaurant. 
Smith was there himself, giving away free vegan food to the attendees of the party. 

He wrote in his post on Instagram:
“A big thank you to all our partners and volunteers for coming together for a day of giving at the Skid Row Carnival of Love, our first I LOVE YOU activation of the decade”. 

The son of actor Will Smith launched the I Love You food truck last year to provide free vegan meals to people in the impoverished communities of Los Angeles.
The young vegan advocate said he was inspired to tackle food poverty after meeting homeless people when filming the movie The Pursuit of Happyness - in which he starred with his father.
“Seeing it in real life, that’s what really made me decide to create the…food truck, for something just to give back to the community,” he said. 

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