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Vegan Egg Will Debut In Schools, Hospitals And Corporate Cafeterias Across US

Vegan Egg Will Debut In Schools, Hospitals And Corporate Cafeterias Across US

by Agi Kaja

Vegan eggs replacement producer JUST announced its partnership with food service giant Sodexo.

JUST Egg will debut on menus at schools, hospitals, and corporate cafeterias across North America. 

“We’re thrilled to become a preferred supplier to Sodexo, which serves over 75 million consumers each day,” JUST CEO Josh Tetrick said. 

“Sodexo’s sustainable menu innovation initiative has resulted in hundreds of new plant-based recipes, and we’re excited to see a range of delicious JUST Egg dishes arrive at clients’ facilities in the months ahead.” 

The partnership is part of Sodexo’s “Better Tomorrow 2025” plans to reduce its environmental footprint by cutting carbon emissions by 34% by 2025. 

Just’s plant-based eggs use 98% less water, 83% less land and emit 93% less CO2 than conventional animal sources.

Rob Morasco, senior director of culinary development at Sodexo, said. “JUST Egg products are nearly indistinguishable from their ‘real’ counterparts—they taste like eggs, cook like eggs, and can bake like eggs. We’ve done a considerable amount of recipe development for our North America customers and will be working with JUST Egg on the next wave of Sustainable Diets innovation for sure.”

JUST Egg debuted at supermarkets 2018, and since then the company has sold the vegan equivalent of 20 million chicken eggs made entirely from plants. This April JUST will launch a new plant-based egg product of the JUST Egg, a folded omelette sold in the frozen section at select supermarkets. 

Sodexo serves 75 million meals every day at 34,000 locations worldwide. 
In North America, Sodexo operates 500 college and university locations, serving a total of 1.6 million students in the United States and Canada.

That means the new deal will help replace a lot of eggs and save thousands of chickens across the United States. 

Egg agriculture is as terrifying causes just as much environmental damage as meat production. Egg-laying chickens are packed into small cages, and they experience horrific health problems thanks to the rate at which they produce eggs. The farms also kill male chicks that cannot be used or sold by tossing them into industrial grinders.

Vegan eggs alternatives are an essential element in the fight against factory farming. 

San Francisco based Just makes their plant-based eggs from mung beans and it tastes pretty much like the real thing. 
The egg substitute took longer to develop than vegan burgers because eggs are tricky to emulate, and there aren’t many plant-based protein sources that scramble, foam, and cook like eggs.
The suppliers of prepared food for cafeterias and retailers don’t care about egg versatility. They buy vast quantities of eggs for millions of meals that consist of scrambled eggs, sandwiches and bakes. 

And plant-based eggs offer them some advantages: they are healthier, cruelty-free and more sustainable. 


Agi Kaja

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