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Two-Storey Vegan Café Opens In London

Two-Storey Vegan Café Opens In London

by Agi Kaja

A new large vegan restaurant Yeda Café has recently opened in London. 

The two-storey restaurant features a grab-and-go café on the ground floor and a lounge area in the basement. 

Yeda aims to cater to those interested in healthy vegan food on the go, such as zucchini and vegan gouda sandwiches or scrambled tofu 'eggs.'

The café's menu also features delicious vegan salads, as well as hot main dishes such as chickpea coconut curry, and all-day breakfast options such as cheesy breakfast burritos and scrambled tofu dishes. 

 All dishes are served in environmentally-friendly, recyclable and compostable packaging. 

The eatery is located the Seven Dials road junction in the Covent Garden neighbourhood of London.

"In our search for a debut location for Yeda Café in the UK, Seven Dials was a stand-out choice for its unique dining line-up, attracting both Londoners and tourists alike," Luzhkova told Essential Retail.

 "The destination is the ideal platform for a new brand to make its mark in London's impressive, and increasingly plant-oriented food landscape, and we're thrilled to have launched our latest venture within this innovative and receptive community."

Agi Kaja

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