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Vegan Household Range Ecoleaf Is Launching New More Sustainable Packaging

Vegan Household Range Ecoleaf Is Launching New More Sustainable Packaging

by Agi Kaja

Suma, the producer of the Ecoleaf brand, is introducing more environmentally friendly packaging for its products.

The brand will now use the post-consumer recycled packaging (PCR) plastic for bottles. 

That means the plastic has previously been used in a product and then reprocessed and remade into something new.

According to the company: “Products made from post-consumer plastic close the loop, diverting plastic from landfill and allowing it to be recycled into something else.”

The paper used for packaging of toilet and kitchen roll will be now 100% recyclable and also able to be composted at home.

In a statement sent to Vegan Food & Living, Product developer Paul Collins said: “Packaging is an extremely important subject at the moment; everyone is looking at reducing single-use plastics. Ecoleaf has always been a leading green brand. As we’ve refreshed the look, we’ve also taken the opportunity to make packaging changes that make it more sustainable and greener”.

“We have changed all our bottles to post-consumer recycled packaging and our paper products are now wrapped in paper as opposed to the compostable plastic we had before. These are significant developments – we have listened to what people want and are happy with our new range”.

Agi Kaja

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