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Burger King's Boss Sees A Big Future In Plant-Based Foods

Burger King's Boss Sees A Big Future In Plant-Based Foods

Burger King has been one of the plant-based pioneers among fast-food chains. The chain was one of the first to offer a meat-free version of its signature sandwich the Impossible Whopper, at all of its U.S. locations

Since then, the vegan sandwich has been one of the bestsellers and a big success for the chain. 

Jose Cil, CEO of  Restaurant Brands International  - the owner of Burger King, said: 

"In the U.S., we continued to see healthy momentum in our core offerings and strong performance from the Impossible Whopper during 2019,"

"Our comparable sales increased by 1.7% for the full year, and we saw solid growth across our menu."

Although the sales slowed down in the last month, Burger King's management believes that the Impossible Whopper has long-term potential. 

Jose Cil thinks plant-based foods as a potential sales driver going forward.

"As I mentioned, the Impossible Whopper was a big highlight of 2019 and continued to be an important sales driver in Q4, generating healthy levels of incrementality at a premium price point," he said. 

"Given the sustained performance of the Impossible Whopper, we're confident that plant-based food represents a new platform for the brand and one that we can build into new occasions, dayparts, products, and proteins."

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