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New Vevolution Podcast Features CEO Of TheVeganKind

New Vevolution Podcast Features CEO Of TheVeganKind

by Agi Kaja

This Thursday Vevolution has released a new episode of their Plant Based Business Podcast featuring the co-founder and CEO of TheVeganKind Scott McCulloch. 

Vevolution is a global movement for plant-powered positive change. They held 28 events including the UK's biggest plant-based conference, vegan festival and Plant Based Business Bootcamp, with the UK's first plant-based investment competition. Vevolution believes in the power of business to positively impact the planet.

The Plant Based Business Podcast is a weekly podcast bringing together business leaders to help listeners build and scale successful plant-based businesses.

The podcast has been created by Vevolution Founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel in collaboration with plant-based entrepreneur Loui Blake. The shows are recorded and produced in a professional studio and released every Thursday. 

Each week the hosts Loui Blake, Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel invite vegan entrepreneurs to talk about their businesses and what it takes to build a successful purpose-driven company. 

Vevolution Founders Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel said: "We get so many people approaching us at Vevolution about helping them with building their plant-based business. This podcast represents the next step in our work at Vevolution to support the growth of the plant-based economy and be of service to the entrepreneurs building it.

"Partnering with Loui Blake on this is incredible , in these interviews we are going deep on what it takes to build and scale a plant-based purpose driven business."

Loui Blake, Co-Host of The Plant Based Business podcast added: "This is the podcast I wish existed when I started my entrepreneurial journey. We hope that hearing first hand from entrepreneurs in this space on their journeys so far, will help to empower a new generation of people to support their business aspirations."

So far, the guests include founders of plant-based companies such as Form, Plenish, Moving Mountains, NIX+KIX, Spicebox and Jarr Kombucha. 

Scott McCulloch, the co-founder and CEO of TVK, is the guest of the latest episode

Scott talked about the birth of The Vegan Kind, choosing the right products, current Seedrs campaign, working with influencers and building community. 

He said: "I was honoured to be welcomed onto the Plant Based Business podcast. While veganism has exploded in recent years, it is brands like Vevolution, and people like Damien, Judy and Loui who sit alongside TheVeganKind in their never ending mission to keep veganism at the forefront of everyone's minds. We will always support the Vevolution mission, and are proud to call them friends in business"

The Plant Based Business Podcast is available on Apple and Spotify and android players.

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