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Vegan Food Concept Plans To Open 30 Stores

Vegan Food Concept Plans To Open 30 Stores

by Agi Kaja

Vegan street food bar concept that sells hummus and pitas opened its 13th site in the UK this week and is planning to double that number within the next five years.

Humpit, says it's one of the fastest-growing plant-based operators in the UK.

The business works on a concept of testing locations with its food trailer before establishing a permanent site. 

The chain operates 12 outlets located across the UK, and it has just opened its new outlet in The Springs at Thorpe Park in Leeds. 

Thorpe Park Leeds is a business centre with 600,000 square feet of offices and 5,000 workers.

Humpit hopes to attract its employees and visitors and will provide a permanent discount scheme for those interested in their daily healthy lunch options. 

The company aims to open 30 more branches in locations across the UK in the next five years.

The business was founded by father and son Simon and Jonathan Phillips.

Jonathan said: “We are really excited to be opening our 13th store at The Springs. It’s always great to be able to expand in our home city and, whilst we already have two in Leeds, Thorpe Park Leeds has a unique offering in that it has a self-serving and fast emerging community crying out for fast and healthy lunch options.”

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