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Giant German Seafood Brand To Launch Vegan Fish

Giant German Seafood Brand To Launch Vegan Fish

by Agi Kaja

German frozen food producer Frosta is the first major seafood company to jump on the plant-based bandwagon. The company specialising in frozen fish is launching their new vegan, plant-based fish product for the restaurants and cafeterias. 

'The Field' line of products will be available to Germany's foodservice sector in April. 

The company presented its vegan fish products at the Fish International conference in Bremen, Germany. 

The new 'Fish from the Field' range includes three-kilogram boxes of breaded and fried fish, crispy breaded fillets, and fish cakes. The products are made specifically for the foodservice sector.

The fishless alternatives are made from vegetables, including white beans and cauliflower, hemp protein, and linseed oil (added to impart omega-3 fatty acids) to replicate the nutrients of fish. 

Frosta said it took them a year of research to develop the new product.

The company caters to more conscious customers and wants to make sure the vegan products were free from additives, flavour enhancers, or preservatives. Frosta has been the additive-free brand since 2003. The company has developed food processing systems that allow keeping its products free from additives, such as salt for example. 

"Seeing the potential for limited fish availability in the future, and given our specialisation as a company which works with vegetables as well as fish, we thought it made sense to create this product," a Frosta spokesperson told Undercurrent News.

"Creating it was a little tricky because we wanted to use the smallest numbers of additives possible." 

The products will appear in German restaurants in May. 

Frosta CEO Felix Ahlers told IntraFish: "We are big in fish, and we wanted to see if we could make a plant-based product with positive nutritional benefits." 

"It doesn't need to be identical to fish. And, of course, you want it to be tasty."

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