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Plant-based Dating App Re-launched Last Month

Plant-based Dating App Re-launched Last Month

by Agi Kaja

If you're looking for someone to share your vegan dinners with, there is an app for you.  

Grazer is a dating app for vegan and vegetarian singles that help to find like-minded people. 

Grazer was founded by Lewis Foster in 2017. It is designed specifically for those who follow a plant-based lifestyle and want to find partners and connect with people who share the same values. 

The app was re-launched in January after receiving funding from the Cowspiracy and What The Health director, Kip Anderson.  

Lewis Foster told that he went vegan in 2010, and then he was asked to pitch on a KFC advert – 'and that sparked an awakening'. 

He said: "I knew I had to do something more in line with my values, and I had a burning desire to push veganism further into the mainstream…so I started brainstorming vegan problems.

 'From being in the community, I heard people joke about how hard vegan dating was (especially from women), and it stuck with me. How do you find someone you like that only makes around 2% of the population? It's tough out there.'"

Lewis decided to give up his career in film and even moved back home with his parents to save money he needed to build the app.

The issue he wanted to solve with his app was the unbalanced gender divide that makes it hard to find plant-based males. There are more vegan and vegetarian women than men. 

Lewis explained: "Vegan women are definitely leading the plant-based charge, with evidence suggesting that 63% of vegans are female.

"That 13% difference throws the dating dynamic in a slightly unusual position. All of a sudden, straight vegan men are in hot demand and the straight vegan women are left to compete for the endangered vegan man. 

"We see the same trend but on a slightly reduced scale on Grazer. Around 55% of our users are women – which is really unique for a dating app."

Lewis believes that uniting a plant-based community can help to spread its ideas further.

"That has always been our fundamental aim with Grazer – to be a connector that catalyses action," he says,

 "To spread veganism further into the mainstream and help bring about a more peaceful and healthy planet. I think socialising among ourselves is actually vital if we want to accelerate our growth."

Agi Kaja

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